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 fit Brother Sewing Machine Models:
DB2-B700 Series, LE2-B61

Consew 105, 210, 218, 219, 230, 290, 290R, 310

 Juki Sewing Machine Models:
LZ-271, LZ-291

 Mitsubishi Sewing Machine Models:
DB-189-11F, LS2-180

 Singer Sewing Machine Models:
121, 188, 191, 195, 196, 241, 245, 251, 251-12, 281, 281-1, 281-3, 291U, 366K, 391U, 400W, 402, 402W, 410, 410W, 451, 451K, 491, 491D200AA, 491U, 451K41, 451K45, 451K145, 591C200BD, 591C200BF, 591C210BD, 591C210BF, 591C240BD, 591C240BF, 591C300BD, 591C300BF, 591C310BD, 591C310BF, 591C200GD, 591C200GF, 591C210GD, 591C210GF, 591C240GD, 591C240GF, 591C300GD, 591C300GF, 591C310GD, 591C310GF, 591C318BD, 591C318BF, 591D100BD, 591D100BF, 591D100GD, 591D100GF, 591D200BD, 591D200BF, 591D210BD, 591D210BF, 591D240BD, 591D240BF, 591D200GD, 591D200GF, 591D210CD, 591D210GF, 591D240GD, 591D240GF, 591D300BD, 591D300BF, 591D310BD, 591D310BF, 591D300GD, 591D300GF, 591D310GD, 591D310GF, 591E318BD, 591E318BF, 591V200, 591V300, 591UX100BF, 591UX312BF, 591UX313BF, 591UX100GF, 591UX220GF, 591UX312GF, 600W, 601, 770, 95, 96

Alternate Part Numbers: 62212A

Singer 272152A

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