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Part Number of this Feed Dog is:  #149057     ( This Feed Dog works with Needle Plate part # 147150LG)


or ARTISAN: 196R 5550N 8500N ZJ-100
for BROTHER: B705 B707 B715 B716 B735 B737 B738 B745 B755 B757 B758 B767 B781
for COLUMBIA: N430
for CONSEW: 30 98 99 102 103 105 210 217 218 219 220 230 290 310 2230 7360R-1
for CUTLINE: C220
for CUTSEW: 777 787
for FEIYUE: FY8500 FY8700
for GEMSY: 8700
for JUKI: DDL-127 DDL-227 DDL-500 DDL-501 DDL-552 DDL-553 DDL-555 DDL-5550 DDL-5600 DDL-8300 DDL-8500 DDL-8700 DDL-9000
for MITSUBISHI: DB-120 DB-121 DB-122 DB-126 DB-130 DB-170 DB-189 DB-199 LS2-130 LS2-150 LS2-180 LS2-190 LS2-1130
for RELIABLE: MSK-8800 MSK-8550M MSK-8870M

Feed Dog 149057

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