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Key Specifications/Special Features: Model GB4-1 is a heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine used to sew canvas, container bags, belts, leather, sadderely, luggage, etc. It is a high speed, single needle, compound feed lockstitch machine with alternating presser foot and reverse feed. Such a structure ensures that the upper and lower layers will not displace under any needle pitch, produceing a consistance stitch. The link take-up system increases the speed of the main shaft and reduces noise,  and prolonging the service life. Oversize oscillating shuttle is used to increase thread volume and to reduce number of times of thread change-over to enhance working efficiency. Max.sewing speed: 800/min. Stitch length: 0-14mm. Presser food lift: 14mm. Table: 1626mm x 580mm. Needle: gv2 110-280. Motor power 550w, 1400rpm (clutch motor). Net weight of machine head: 78kg. Need bar stroke: 58mm. Shuttle hook: seiko hsh-7-3. 

Heavy Duty Walking Foot Sewing Machine

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