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ipper / Binding Walking Presser Foot Set

Part Number:

  • 601-3 - Outside Presser Foot
  • 521BW - Inside Presser Foot

Alternate Part Number:

  • 601-3 - U192B, U-192B
  • 521BW - U193B, U-193B

Brand new and high quality, durable and sturdy to use.

The 601-3 foot allows you to sew as close to the zipper as possible without accidentally nicking the zipper teeth. Also great for sewing cording and piping. Can be used with and can be used with 521BW pressure foot.


  • JUKI Models: DU-141, DU-141NH,  DU-1181N, DU-1281-7
  • Artisan Models:  797AB, 1797
  • Brother Models: DB2-B797, DB2-B798
  • Chandler Models:  DY-337, DY-349
  • Consew Models: 120, 145R, 146RB, 175RB, 199RB, 205RB
  • Feiyue Models: FY-5318
  • Gemsy Models: 318, 718, 818, 1808
  • Global Models: WF-995, WF-3995
  • Highlead Models: GC0318, GC0388, GC0398
  • Mitsubishi Models: DY-330, DY-337, DY-340, DY-349, DY-350, LY-3300
  • Nakajima Models: DBU-180L, 181L, 280L
  • Neels Models: NS-0302
  • New-Tech Models: GC-0303
  • Reliable Models: MSK-8300
  • Rex Models: 11-155
  • Sunstar Models: KM-340, KM-341
  • Typical Models: GC6-6
  • Zoje Models: GC0318-1, GC0618
  • Yamata Models: FY-5318

And many other comparable walking foot machines.


Presser Foot Shank Type - High Shank
Presser Foot Type - Zipper / Binding Foot

Zipper / Binding Walking Presser Foot Set #601-3, 521BW

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