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Features: With double-capacity hook, the unison-feed provides the optimal feed efficiency by feeding heavy materials smoothly and firmly. The diameter of the cylinder is  50mm for a double-capacity hook. The small-diameter cylinder is quite helpful for handling bags, shoes, and other small articles smoothly and easily. When using the knee lifter, the lift of the presser foot is as high as 15mm. The feed mechanism that can synchronize the binder in the piping-tape attachment process in the sewing of shoes. The machine is equipped with a new automatic hook-lubricating system that automatically lubricates the hook. With this feature, a maintenance-free hook has finally materialized. The hook accommodates thread twice as long as that for a standard hook. It also reduces the frequency of bobbin thread replacement, thereby enabling the operator to smoothly conduct sewing with a higher degree of efficiency 

JK-246 Cylinder Bed Compound Feed

July 2023
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