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Straight Stitch sewing machine FEED DOG.  Will fit most Industrial Single needle Machines.  (Will not fit Walking Foots)
These parts are most standard size parts for 90% of all work.
1 pc. Standard single machine regular Feed Dog - Part#149057 ( light to medium materials-Standard size)
Machines that will fit these Parts.
For Brother: B-series:   705,715,735,737,757,760,767,781,791,792,795
For Consew: 210,218,219,220,23R,290R,292,310,2230R,7360R-1,7360RH
For Feiyue: FY8500, FY8700
For Juki: DDL all classes (except DDL-201)  DLD-432,DLM-522,DLM-5200,DLM-5400,DLN5400,DLN412,DLN415,DLN5410,DLU450
For Mitsubishi: DB-series:  120,122,126,130,170,189,199   LS2 series: 130,150,180,190,1130, LX2-630
For Singer: 95,96,120u,121c,121D,220u12,241,251,281,366k,400w,402w,451k,600w,660a,770D,771D,2491D
For Toyota: AD156,AD157,AD338, D146,D347,D348,D2432
For Yakumo: 178Y-3, DBEN63,DBUN65,DENIN720,DSN-58
For Yamata; FY8500,FY8700

Feed Dog #149057

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